Peety Blogs

That’s right. Peety Draws has entered the blogosphere.

Starting this blog has been an elusive ‘to-do’ line item since 2009 and finally, I’ve made the jump. Why now? I guess I couldn’t justify why my Peety Draws Etsy shop needed a blog. I didn’t have anything interesting to say, especially not in a blog. However, I did find that I had a lot of things to share. I realized this after frequently being asked, “What made you do that?” My answer was usually buried in gushing inspirational excitement due to an amazing artist I just discovered, an awesome movie I watched with my husband, a song I couldn’t get out of my head or something delicious I ate. And the great thing was – people wanted to know about it!

So, be prepared for posts about movies, food, and badass art, because these are the things that make Peety Draws the quirky, sassy and fun little shop it is. In the end, it’s all about spreadin’ the love.


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