My Rad and Hungry Baggu

Coolest. Bag. Ever.

I just scored a Rad and Hungry Baggu and it is awesome, my friends. From holding Peety Draws supplies, to storing my lunch or serving as a comfy hangout place for Batman and Joker, I have found a reason to use it for everything!

It’s amazing how quickly my mood shifts when I slip this tote bag over my shoulder. If you haven’t heard of Rad and Hungry before, know this – it is your source for some rockin’ lo-fi office supplies from around the world. Learn more about ’em here and the lovely founder, Hen Chung.

Feel like spreadin’ the love? Rad and Hungry is also on Facebook and Twitter.


5 thoughts on “My Rad and Hungry Baggu

    • Hahaha, well, in this case, it serves as a hangout for Batman and Joker. Who knew they were so chummy? 🙂

    • This bag is an absolutely keeper. I’m finding a reason to use it for everything because that’s how obsessed I am with it. More than anything, I love the color. Neon Liptastic? Yes, please!

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