Mystery Project

Peety Draws’ Mystery Project submission for Art House Co-op left in local library.

I recently participated in the Art House Co-op’s Mystery Project, a collaboration with Prismacolor. The purpose of the project was to “challenge artists to experiment with the unexpected” and make a stranger’s day upon discovering your artwork. After signing up to be part of this project (which was free, by the way – woohoo!), I received my kit in the mail: my project’s secret theme and a Prismacolor marker. My theme?

“Help! Robots are taking over the local elementary school.”

I decided to get literal. I drew on the back of the envelope my kit was delivered in and left it in my local library on a nearby shelf. Here’s a close-up:

Can you spot Peety Draws? 🙂

This is the second Art House Co-op Project I’ve participated in. My first was the 2011 Sketchbook Project (will expand in a later post). For a cool $25, you receive a blank sketchbook and pick a theme to guide your drawings.

I’m always in search of projects that give me spurts of inspiration and creativity. The Mystery Project was a fun one to participate in, especially after checking out submissions of fellow participants via Twitter or Facebook that had the same theme. So, are you in need of a break from the norm? Get that pencil out and freshen up your skills with the 2013 Sketchbook Project. I’m planning on participating – let me know if you do, too!

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2 thoughts on “Mystery Project

    • So glad you stopped by! This project was fun. I was racking my brain for a while on what to do and finally decided to keep it simple and not over think it. I think it worked out!

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