Music Obsession: the ’90s


Lately, I have been jonesin’ (yeah, that’s right) hard for the ’90s. It isn’t a secret to my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter fans. I’ve been very public about my recent love affair with ’90s music. I’ve been subscribing to ’90s playlists on Spotify like it’s my job. What is it about that decade’s music? I quickly realized: I am nostalgic for this time. Being so far removed from growing up in the ’90s, I now enjoy the music much more than I did back then. Salt ‘N Pepa? Bring it. Bit of  “Black Hole Sun“? Don’t mind if I do. I ALMOST don’t mind the boy band music either… almost.

I still have the cassette of the first album I ever owned: Green Day’s Dookie – in mint condition, I might add. I cannot bring myself to toss it because of all the memories attached to it.

Do you get nostalgic for ’90s music? Because I tell ya, when I hear Veruca Salt’s “Volcano Girls” or Spacehog’s “In the Meantime,” my excitement cannot be contained and a lot of headboppin’ will ensue (let’s be real, my body cannot handle the stress of headbangin’ anymore).


2 thoughts on “Music Obsession: the ’90s

    • Ah, a girl can dream. That would be amazing. What would our playlist include? Perhaps Ace of Base may make an appearance. 😉

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