PBS: Off Book Series

PBS has a great web series called Off Book. I occasionally stumble upon these videos independent from the Off Book website, usually thru other design and art blogs. Today, however, I made it a point to find their website and am in love.

Three reasons why these videos are awesome:

  1. They’re short. The longest video clocks in at a whopping 8:46.
  2. They have a lot of design topics as part of their series (be still my heart).
  3. They post, on average, two videos a month. So, twice a month you are guaranteed to learn something new or be inspired within 10 minutes.

Many people who know me beyond the blog pages know I am obsessed with opening title sequences in film and television (which I’ve started to document beginning with Game of Thrones). I recommend starting with Off Book’s Art of Film and TV Title Design video (see below) and working your way thru this awesome series.


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