Typecase Industries: Old School Printing, New School Design

Studio opening for Typecase Industries

This past weekend, I attended the studio opening of Typecase Industries. My friend, Alessandra, is the co-founder of the studio along with her friends, Emily and Stephanie. Their studio specializes in design and letterpress.

Cue: swoon 

Most designers I know, if not all, have a fascination with letterpress. A beautiful and elegant way of printing – it can’t help but elevate your design. So, for me, it’s a pretty big deal to personally know someone who specializes in letterpress printing. Can’t you imagine Peety living in a letterpressed world? ME TOO!

Typecase Industries is located in Northwest D.C. blocks away from Adams Morgan. I’m proud to say, this is also the location of my first time on letterpress! Let me tell you – if you do not have the stamina or guns to crank out large print quantities, the Vandercook press will fix that for you. Alessandra was kind enough to show me the ropes.

[1] Alessandra schooling me on inserting paper for letterpress correctly (photo credit: TCI)
[2] Close-up of the Vandercook
[3] The fruits of my labor

 Their style of printing and humor is very apparent from the artwork adorning their studio walls and in the goodies they had for sale. Check out their Etsy shop and be a proud owner of a TCI piece.

[1] Card from TCI’s Etsy shop
[2] Goodies for sale at the studio opening

I left the studio opening feeling incredibly inspired, excited and happy for these badass ladies. Opening a studio to call your own is a great achievement. Here’s to a happy and super successful future for Typecase Industries!

Keep up with Typecase Industries on Facebook, Etsy and the internets.


4 thoughts on “Typecase Industries: Old School Printing, New School Design

  1. I have participated in 2 letterpress workshops…a total of like 3 hours (nothing). I have yet to use the Vandercook. I used the other hand crank foot peddle dinosaur from the 1890’s (I have blocked the name out of my head). Now THAT is dedication. I hate that sucker (mainly because I have no coordination) I’m going to work on the Vandercook next time.

    • I can’t remember the name of it either (the one from the 1890s) but if I’m not mistaken, I think Gilah Press in Baltimore owns one? It was pretty amazing and definitely requires coordination. You and I are challenged in the same way. 🙂 The Vandercook was a lot of fun!

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