Music Obsession: Rumer

Have you guys ever seen ‘Live From Daryl’s House?’ It’s a great music show where Daryl Hall invites musicians to his home for a jam session, some grub and shop talk. The great thing is, he invites a melting pot of guests like Smokey Robinson, Patrick Stump, Jimmy Wayne, and Robby Kreiger. It’s amazing to see the different genres of music coming together and sharing their love of music. The show started off on YouTube but was quickly noticed by other music media outlets and eventually picked up by Palladia (one of my favorite music channels).

The episode I saw this past weekend was one with British singer, Rumer. Her voice reminds me so much of Karen Carpenter, it’s mind-blowing. There’s one song she sang on the show that I cannot get enough of called, “Slow.” It’s incredibly beautiful and Rumer’s voice so effortlessly sings it. It’s been haunting my mind every since I heard it. I’m OBSESSED. Listen to it here or click play below.

Love love love her sound. Do yourself a favor and listen to the rest of her album on Spotify and let me know what you think!


3 thoughts on “Music Obsession: Rumer

  1. Rumer has a new album out called “Boys Don’t Cry” and she is working on her third album. She has amazing talent as a singer and a writer, and it’s so nice to hear melodic music with intelligent lyrics!

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