Today’s Stress Reliever

This week was a tough one. I would normally handle the stress of weeks like this with a boatload of caffeine and laughter at the absurdity around me. Every so often, more extreme measures need to be taken to ensure my sanity. Today, I needed help from my friends at Disney, Lego, and American Girl.

I took a much needed break with mah gurl, Madeline (aka Mads, who has a great blog you should check out). Our first stop was the Disney Store. You can’t walk into this store and be unhappy. Everyone is so lovely and the customer service is on point. Mads and I fantasized about owning all the dolls, figurines and toys that adorned the shelves and stopped in our tracks when we saw the Disney Villains collection. SO AWESOME. I also need to own this plush Maleficent doll – my favorite Disney Villain of all time.

We continued our stress-relieving trek to the Lego Store. Cue: swoon. I have never and will never grow out of love with Legos. My child is going to have some competition when it comes playtime, jus’ sayin’. How awesome are the Lego office supplies?!

Our last stop was a trip to the American Girl store, which I’d never been to before. As a child, my favorite American Girl was Felicity. To my surprise, she was nowhere to be found! If anyone can solve this mystery for me, I will be forever grateful. On the other hand, I did find the American Girl doll version of myself, which made up for it.

As a calm happiness wafted over me as I headed back to the office, I deemed this trip a success. Hopefully next time I visit, it’ll be under better circumstances. Here’s hoping you guys had a better week than I did!


6 thoughts on “Today’s Stress Reliever

  1. I had so much fun on our break today. Surrounding ourselves with memories of being a kid is just so refreshing. Don’t let me forget to find my American Girl dolls at Momma K’s house so we can play with them!

    • Yes, please! I’d love to see the original dolls, for sure. Thanks so much for the break. It was much needed and so much fun. Heartrates = lowered. 🙂

  2. I hear you..tough week. Then tonight I had to listen to an insufferable braggart talk about all the good things happening for her. Ugh.
    We have quite an AG collection here…waiting for grand babies.

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