Monday Inspiration | Oct 8, 2012

Happy Monday, friends. The weekend went by in a flash, didn’t it?  After last weekend’s stomach flu and this past week’s craziness at work, I really need a healthy dose of inspiration to get me thru this week. I’ve got some gems in store for you guys so let’s get crackin’!

Kelly Lasserre’s illustration style is awesome. Simple, crude, and humorous – can’t go wrong! Her illustrations reminded me of early drawings I used to do and now I’m thinking of revamping them for my style today. Excited to see how they turn out!

I love love love the font collections at the Lost Type Co-op because they allow me to have good lookin’ fonts without foregoing a week’s worth of food by setting my own price. Who doesn’t love that?

This wedding invite design by Letitia Buchan for her own wedding is AMAZING. If I received this invite in the mail, I would be so stoked to attend this wedding. I rarely see wedding invites that embrace bright colors and fun illustration the way hers do.

Love these prints from Tag Team Tompkins. This print’s got my name all over it.

That’s me in paper doll form. I love me some paper dolls. My friend, Priya (of Priya’s Time and Space Museum) shared this awesome link with me. Choose from pre-set features to create a custom paper doll for $11.99. Even if you don’t buy one, it’s still fun to go thru all the features.

I don’t know why but this little dancing brain comic made me chuckle.

Speaking of things that make me chuckle, check out these large scale animated GIFs.

I love using for quick photo editing. With Halloween around the corner they’ve got a bunch of themes to choose from – Vampires, Zombies, Day of the Dead, Witches, Demons and Trick or Treat.

And just in case you have time to waste today, click here.

This is why I hate ppl #24.


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