Monday Inspiration | Oct 15, 2012

Hope everyone had a great weekend! The weather was absolutely gorgeous here in D.C. – there’s nothing more beautiful than leaves changing colors for the fall. It’s one of the few weather-related things I love about this area. I’m also gearing up for Halloween and piecing together my costume. SO excited about it this year. 🙂 Gonna get my Project Runway skills out for this one.

And with that, let’s get the inspiration started.

I just received this beautiful engraving print from Neenah Paper. They’re one of my favorite paper companies and always have awesome give-aways and design to share. Check out to learn more about the art of engraving and stay in the loop for their limited print give-aways.

LOVE these paintchip inspired napkins.

Because you care about type.

What a great and simple way to add a little fun and color to any space!

I wish I could create like this because it’s just effn amazing. Thanks for sharing, Crystal!

The simplicity of these funny greeting cards and print from Sad Shop are great. The use of punctuation is crucial in this card and made me laugh, for some reason.

I’m that rare lone human being who Christmas gift shops AFTER Thanksgiving but I admit to checking French Paper Company‘s site to make sure they still sold my favorite wrapping paper.

Lamp in a Box is such a cool site. You can create custom lamp shades or buy unique ready-made shades. I tested it out and made a custom Peety lamp. It was super simple and not that pricey. The Peety lamp pictured above is $50 for the base and shade – but you can also just buy the shade, if you prefer. Great custom gift!

This is why I hate ppl #25.


2 thoughts on “Monday Inspiration | Oct 15, 2012

    • I’m obsessed with that site! If you get a chance, check it out. SO easy to use and so many different options to choose from. Really thinking about making a custom lamp for christmas.

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