Peety Prints at Typecase Industries

I had the wonderful pleasure of attending a workshop at Typecase Industries (TCI) recently. I had a blast at their open house earlier in the year so I was thrilled at the chance to head back – this time to put my creative skills to use! For what, you ask? A Peety-ized Christmas card, linocut-style.

The ladies of TCI are pretty rad. Read up on ’em here. They were super helpful in explaining what linocut is, recommendations on our artwork, and guiding us thru each step of the process. Alessandra helped me maximize the quality of a linocut print by suggesting what tools to use for cutting into the linoleum and still retain the look of Peety artwork.

I was in high school the last time I worked with linoleum so I was pretty excited to take another stab at it on a much more technical level. One thing I forgot – how much your hands will ache! Even though my hand cramped up a few times, my adrenaline was making up for it. When I finished carving out the details of my card, Alessandra showed me how to work their press by first locking my linocut block with “furniture” and inking it. After a few runs, I felt like a pro as you can see in this very short video.

I think my cards turned out pretty awesome! Peety’s eyes look a little wonky but that adds to her character. I call it, “The Skeptical Peety Christmas Card.” I designed the cards as shells (per Alessandra’s super smart recommendation) knowing I would write “Merry Christmas” by hand. Eff being politically correct, right? That’s not Peety’s style.


Filled in:

I’m so glad I had the chance to do this! It was refreshing to work with my hands after sitting in front of a computer all day. Follow TCI on Facebook for news on upcoming workshops to score a seat. I highly recommend attending!


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