Crafty Bastards 2012

Friends, I am so excited to share my experience at this year’s Crafty Bastards. If you saw my Crafty Bastards Instagram photos last Saturday, you already know how fantastic it was. Luckily, the event was held at Washington, D.C.’s Union Market, a must-see location that was a burning a hole on my To-Do List. I’m happy to say I was able to spend some time there, as well, but I’ll save that for another post. So, settle in and get ready – I’ve got A LOT of links and pictures to share because today, we’re talking about bastards, the crafty kind.

This year’s Crafty Bastards had an amazing turn out, despite the entrance fee. Almost 140 vendors were included this year resulting in 3 glorious hours of me being surrounded by inspiring art. One of my first stops was at Hero Design Studio’s booth. I have purchased art from their Etsy shop before and follow one of the founders, Beth, on Instagram and Twitter. I was pretty stoked to meet her in person and bask in the beauty of Hero Design’s prints.

My goal this year was to buy only printed goods this time around with my first purchase being this adorable fabric square from Cotton Monster. They had all kinds of plushy monster awesomeness but I gravitated towards the fabric squares because how can you pass up the budget-friendly price of $1 each? I scored the adorable octopus print pictures above on striped fabric. I am so excited to frame and hang him in my home studio.

My next stop was Letterpress Collective, made up of Deirdre, Melanie and Sarah from Lennah Press, Grey Moggie and Fancy Seeing You Here, respectively. All of them do such great work! I purchased the three Christmas letterpress cards pictured above from Fancy Seeing You Here and snapped a picture of the Ryan Gosling card from Lennah Press. Let’s be real – that card is perfection.

My personal favorite discovery of the day were James Polisky‘s silkscreen prints. I love love love the use of color, bold characters and humor in all of his pieces. I wish I was rollin’ in the dough so I could buy one of his framed prints. Instead, I opted for his chipboard screen prints to frame myself. What a great and super affordable option for him to provide for those watching their wallets. I love the simple packaging – black ink on a white paper bag. I might frame that, too. All of his pieces tell a story and that’s probably what I love about his work the most – it speaks to and inspires me on a subconscious level.

After my James Polisky print purchase, I focused on taking pictures of everything I liked as reference for upcoming birthday and Christmas gifts. I still managed to find things I need (yes, NEED), like those Hall & Oates studs, pictured above, by Leroy’s Place. I really felt this year’s vendors were much more varied than the last few years. Usually, I notice a lot more baby goods with a few unique handmade goods sprinkled in. I was really stoked at the great selection of prints and jewelry, my favorites. Here’s a list of the stores pictured above that I recommend checking out:

SNASH JEWELRY | Unique studs, rings and necklaces. My Fave: ’90s flip phone earrings

STRAWBERRY LUNA | Awesome screen prints and posters. My Fave: Winter Cardinal Art Print

MARY INK | Beautifully hand printed clothing.  My Fave: Inner Sunset Pullover

INEDIBLE JEWELRY | Jewelry that looks like food! My Fave: Pickle Studs

EL JEFE | Rad posters, prints, illustration and design. My Fave: Princess Bride – Inigo Quote Poster (It’s Saul AND Inigo – a 2 for 1!)

ALTERNATE HISTORIES | Hilarious prints and cards depicting alternate versions of iconic moments in history. My Fave: The Signing of the Declaration of Independence

LEROY’S PLACE | Super amazing illustrated and hand-painted prints and jewelry. My Fave: Hall & Oates earring studs.

REBOUND DESIGNS | Handmade purses, iPad and Kindle cases made from book covers. My Fave: Pride & Prejudice Book Purse

ZOOGUU | Plush toys that can be customized to order. My Fave: Plush Narwhal

I’m usually not a big “gourmet” soap person – but Dirty Ass Soaps made me want to buy everything! I was way too excited when I spotted that Fight Club soap bar which means, I must own it. How awesome?! Think those are tater tots? Soap! Need a Nintendo Controller soap bar? They have you covered.

The last place I purchased items from was Rar Rar Press. And actually, these items were gifted to me from my Crafty Bastards partner in crime, Tomica (thanks, friend!). Rar Rar Press has become a fast favorite and I always make it a point to stop by their booth. Their stationery prints are exactly my kinda humor and I already have these two prints, here and here, from previous Crafty Bastards purchases.

And with that, my 2012 Crafty Bastards experience has come to an end. It’s left me with an inspirational high and strong need to create that rivals Dexter’s need to kill. Yes, it’s that strong. I’m already drooling with anticipation for next year’s Crafty Bastards and maybe, just maybe, Peety Draws can finally have a spot.

For more Crafty Bastards goodness, check out the rest my photos on Facebook and make sure to browse thru the full vendor list for hidden gems!


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