Monday Inspiration | Dec 3, 2012

November was a crazy busy month for my husband and I so we took the weekend to relax. For us, that means a lot of marathon tv watching and movies plus the occasional walk through our favorite neighborhood hang out spots. On top of that, a couple of prints I ordered from CollageOrama via came in over the weekend and I worked on Peety goodies. I’m full of all kinds of inspiration from this wonderful weekend and all I want to do is share. Let’s get crackin’!


I LOVE this gem of a book I found over the weekend at my local Paper Source.

I wish I could draw like Japanese Illustrator, Satoshi Hashimoto.

The Seven Designer Phenotypes.

Okay, these little guys are so much cuter than Chia Pets. WANT!

I’d rather frame it than use this Home Alone and Christmas Vacation wrapping paper – doesn’t change the fact that I still want it!

The Secret Life of Toys.

Clearly, someone’s not doing their job. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be these type of branding fails.

I’m super stoked to share Daily Peety Prints now for sale on Etsy. Just in time for Christmas, YAY!

In the spirit of my relaxing weekend, take 2 minutes and do nothing. Now available as an app, as well, for those who need a break from our iPhones.

This is why I hate ppl #32.


6 thoughts on “Monday Inspiration | Dec 3, 2012

    • Search for it on Amazon and on It’s there! WOOHOO!

      And thanks for always supporting, Peety, Tomica. You’re the best.

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