Monday Inspiration | Dec 31, 2012


Now that we’ve got that out of the way, here we are again – at the brink of a beginning and an end. I’m happy to say 2012 was a positive year for Peety Draws – a lot of growth and new items added to Etsy and Zazzle with more goods on the horizon. I compulsively make lists – new year or not – but realized my Mini-Peety Drawings a Day are a window into the past year! Thanks to everyone who have liked, commented or sent me messages on how much they look forward to them.

I’m also super stoked and thankful for everyone that participated in 2012’s monthly Caption Contests. I love giving away free Peety goodies for all to enjoy. Check out this past year’s winners, including this month’s, just posted on Facebook.


As productive as 2012 was, I’m feeling pretty excited about my plans for 2013. Nothing epic or groundbreaking – but a steady uphill climb to bettering my personal life and that of Peety Draws.


Regardless of my plans, we still have Monday Inspiration to get to! Here’s the last edition of 2012:

Have you seen the intriguing bizarreness that is Jim Carrey’s website?

Love these awesomely simple black and white business cards – totally Peety Draws’ style.

HOLY CRAP. These eggshell sculptures are badass!

Now you can add Clients From Hell 2 to your bookshelf.

Get familiar with the cool design and illustration style of A. Micah Smith.

Lego brick doubles as a camera? YES, PLEASE!

You’d be surprised how familiar snowflakes look under an electron microscope. Thanks for sharing this, Hen!

This is why I hate ppl #36.

Hoping for a Happy New Year’s for all! xoxo Peety


2 thoughts on “Monday Inspiration | Dec 31, 2012

    • Awesome! Clients from Hell is therapy, you know? Jim Carrey’s site is crazy awesome. I feel like it’s just a look into his brain.

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