Tuesday Inspiration | Jan 29, 2013

Sorry about the break in Monday Inspiration yesterday, friends. I had to take a much needed break and do nothing. I’m pretty sure I have a problem because this past weekend, I stayed in bed for ANOTHER WEEKEND IN A ROW. I watched bad tv, napped, ate, and watched more bad tv, napped again… you get the picture. Who can argue with what your body needs, right? Hope you guys did something adventurous this past weekend! Let’s get our inspiration underway.


OBSESSED. I love love love Emily McDowell Illustration. Her happy illustrations and inspirational sayings make me wish I could cover my walls with her artwork. This Valentine’s card make me smile.

Practice your comic book skills with I Draw Comics.

I’m digging the self-promo work of Gabby Lord. All that neon coupled with a sense of humor? Yes, please!

Need some blogging tips? Check out this handy PDF from Oh My Handmade presented at the Alt Summit.

Check out these three projects I’m participating in courtesy of Art House Co-op: Encyclopedia of Work Spaces, Infinite Scroll Monsters, and The Meal 2013.

Have you guys joined Vine, yet? I’m a little intimidated by it but I’m figuring out how everything works. Follow me to be there when I finally post my first video: @peetydraws.

This is why I hate ppl #40.


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