Monday Inspiration | Feb 18, 2013

Good morning, friends. I hope everyone had a great weekend! My husband and I went to the first part of the AMC Best Picture Showcase on Saturday where we watched four of the nine best picture nominations for the Oscars. We’re going to see the remaining five this Saturday and I can’t wait! Let’s check out what’s on tap for this edition of Monday Inspiration.


In celebration of the Oscars this weekend, how many of these best picture winners can you guess (thanks for the heads up, Crystal!)?

Legos + Coffee Mug. Does it get any better than this?

I love the die-cut shapes and colors creating this cohesive brand for Minke.

Did anyone catch the Jeopardy Teen Tournament? Leonard is my hero.

These crying hand-drawn illustrations are interesting but also kinda creepy.

Love these printable post-its!

InstaThis seems like a really cool option for printing your Instagram photos.

Jon Gray’s book cover designs make me want to judge books solely by their cover. Aren’t they great?

This is why I hate ppl #43.


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