Monday Inspiration | Mar 11, 2013

Let me start this blog post off with an apology. It’s been craaazay these last few weeks. I couldn’t get last week’s Monday Inspiration together in time and decided to take the week off altogether. But today, I’m back full force. This week, I’m headed to a Paper Show in Arlington, VA Wednesday night. So excited about getting some free swag! If you’re in the area, check out the deets here.

Let’s get our Monday Inspiration on!


Criterion Affection is a blog you must follow. Michele Rosenthal is watching movies from the Criterion Collection. She publishes a post of each one and an accompanying illustration.

I love these beautiful toilet paper installations. 

Creativity tips from 5 funny people.

Colle + McVoy unveiled the rebranding of Caribou Coffee and I’m digging it.

Get your dose of Daily Dishonesty with typographical flair.

These Batman inspired record label logo redesigns are aweeeeesome!

After seeing menus and branding like this, who’s up for a trip to James Tea Merchants?

I discovered Red Nose Studio when I attended the 2008 Boston HOW Conference. I love the rich layers and process each photo has to undergo to achieve the finished product.

Get your free font on!

Hyein Lee‘s illustration style is so lovely and his motion graphics are just as captivating. I might have to hijack my husband’s PC to download the Twinkling Stars Above video game. Check out the video for the game here.

This is why I hate ppl #44.


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