Monday Inspiration | Mar 25, 2013

After all the restful weekends I’ve had over the last month, this weekend was packed. I caught up with mah gurl, Mads, went to a friend’s engagement party (where they had a massive amount of delicious Korean food), had brunch with my girlfriends, hung out with my dad, caught up with my bff, and watch Seinfeld DVDs with my husband. The best part? I’M NOT TIRED! Woohoo! Hope all of you had a wonderful weekend, as well.

I’m excited about this week’s edition of Monday Inspiration, especially because we’re kicking it off with a food related link! 🙂 Enjoy!


Food sorted as Pantone colors? Mmmm. Yes, please! [Thanks for sharing, Priya! You know me so well.]

Famous albums re-imagined as books. Which one would you read?

After the amazing previous season of Dexter, who’s counting down the days to the final season? Here’s a sneak peak. [Thanks, Mads!]

James Gulliver Hancock is illustrating all the building in New York. Check out his blog and own the book!

I’m always in need of Photoshop shortcuts.

Love these elegant and sophisticated baby announcement invitations.

Nature + man made sculptures = this.

Live a more creative life! Here’s how.

This is why I hate ppl #46.


4 thoughts on “Monday Inspiration | Mar 25, 2013

    • Thanks, Tomica! Seemed appropriate to start off with a food link for this snowy Monday morning. I wish there was a grilled cheese and tomato soup Pantone.

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