Monday Inspiration | Apr 1, 2013

Who got fooled today? I certainly did – but not without warning. ThinkGeek got me good with this awesome decal. You know me – anything Batman related and I’m totally there. Unfortunately, I didn’t have much time to get my joke on this year. Did you guys do anything or better yet, get fooled? Share in the comments!

Let’s check out today’s inspiration.


I love everything about these Art Deco wedding invites. From the palette, to the pattern, to the gold lined envelopes – I’m in love.

Peeps! I love the annual Peep Diorama Contest the Washington Post holds. Check out this year’s entries. Some serious skills happening.

Ever checked out the work of Vahalla Studios? DO IT.

New font available on LostType: Mission Gothic.

One of my friends introduced me to Grateful160. I signed up last week and have been tracking everything I’m grateful for and see everything I’ve submitted. It’s pretty inspirational – I highly recommend you checking it out.

Did you guys ever see Life of Pi? I really enjoyed the movie and love how this scrolling website breaks down the visuals and how certain parts of the movie were created.

Need some attitude so you’ll finally eat healthy? Thug Kitchen has what you need.

Ever wondered about the Dumb Ways to Die? I’m hooked on this video ever since a co-worker showed it to me.


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