Guess what?

Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 10.36.09 PM

Yeeeeep. That’s right. I’m expecting my very own Mini-Peety aka Batgirl! It’s a been a hard secret to keep and one I’ve contemplated keeping from the Peety Draws public until this little one entered the world. But wow, is it hard keeping something as amazing as this a secret from the rest of the world! My husband are insanely ecstatic and can’t wait to finally meet this baby girl come September.

There are a lot of exciting changes happening, a few of which are my growing belly and feeling the baby’s flutters (which are getting stronger each week). Thankfully, I have passed the point of nausea so food is, once again, my friend. Thank, GOD!

When my brother, sister and I were younger, my dad would write letters to us about all the mischief we were getting into, who fought with who, and what our personalities were like. It’s incredible and so touching to read them as an adult. My dad encouraged me to do the same for my little one and so far, I’ve got four mushy letters written. I started writing the letters before I knew I was having a girl so I stayed neutral with the design and color scheme (although I probably would’ve done this regardless of the baby being a boy or girl).


I revealed the sex of the baby to co-workers where the majority thought I was having a boy. As soon as I announced I was having a girl, Mads handed me the perfect gift – a Batman t-shirt, of course! Thanks to her and her fiance, who knew exactly what to buy – boy or girl.


I know I shouldn’t have anything to do with the baby shower but I can’t help myself! I am planning on designing the invites and any other elements to help my sister and mom out, who will be throwing the baby shower. I’ve expressed my delight in a batgirl themed baby shower and will somehow use the baby batgirl graphic in this post. No traditional games at this baby shower – just lots of food, good music while surrounded by our friends and family.

I am so excited to see things through this little girl’s eyes and being inspired in a completely different way. I expect nothing less than being knocked back on my feet and having my world rocked!


9 thoughts on “Guess what?

  1. OMG!!! So thrilled for you! I wondered about you ‘feeling lazy’….now it all makes sense. You didn’t seem the type that is not going every minute. All my love and best wishes.

    • I love how we’re so coordinated without actually talking about making it happen. That little baby will be wearing that Batman shirt in no time – regardless of her size. She’s going to be the coolest little baby girl, EVER. You and Rusty are the best. Thanks for getting me such awesome baby gifts. 🙂

    • Whaaaaa? A gift for batgirl? Yes, please! So, excited, man. I can’t wait to have her be part of our “Toyz at Work” pics.

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