Monday Inspiration | Apr 29, 2013

Well, hello there. Another Monday morning is upon us, which means, the weekend is officially over. I spent the weekend at my parents’ house, so I basically had a mini-vacation. Their house has this Lost-like magnetic pull that forces me to relax, veg out and sleeeeeep. It was magical. A few highlights: got some sketching done for a couple of invites and my brother got engaged to Priya (the very same from Priya’s Time and Space Museum), which means, we’re going to officially be family. 🙂 Family weddings are ALWAYS fun so I’m super stoked.

The inspiration world has been good to me over the last week because today’s Monday Inspiration is a pretty meaty one. I have seen so many awesome things I’ve been saving to bombard you guys with to help start this week off right. Let’s get to it!

Screen Shot 2013-04-27 at 10.24.14 PM

Just discovered Paper Cub and I love their style of cards.

Speaking of cards, check out these amazing eco-friendly wood greeting cards from Cardtorial. LOVE!

Faces drawn on matchsticks make an adorable idea!

I’m loving Christopher Lee’s work. Read this article about his work and process here and visit his site here.

I love me some colorful wedding invites.

Add Cherry Swash to your font library – for free!

Why is Dan Cassaro‘s work so amazing? Follow him on Twitter for a dose of inspiration on the reg.

Make your own paper bows and wrap your gifts in style.

Coolest dad ever illustrates his kids’ lunch bags. I may have to totally steal this idea.

Animal alphabet portraits.

Love that a couple of my favorite books of all time are on this list.

Born of Sound allows soundwaves to become a piece of artwork – breathtakingly beautiful.


The Peety Draws Caption Contest ends tonight at 11:59pm (EST). Enter now for a chance to win this Peety original.


2 thoughts on “Monday Inspiration | Apr 29, 2013

    • I’m obsessed with Cardtorial and am definitely going to buy something from them. There’s no way that card is getting thrown away!

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