Behind the Mini-Peety Drawing: #842


Most of my Mini-Peety Drawings a Day are not reflections of things going on in my life. Many times, I’m inspired by a conversation I just had, a phrase I heard, a message I want to share, etc. This one, however, was a reminder specifically for me – but appropriate for all of us to remember.

When I drew this character, I was anxious, overwhelmed, excited and eager all at the same time. Those emotions were a reflection of how I was feeling in my professional and personal life. I usually rest on the saying, “things happen for a reason.” Somehow, I didn’t feel like that was enough this time. It didn’t calm me the way it usually would. I headed to Pinterest to find the perfect set of words to inspire and uplift my mood. I read these simple words: Bigger and Better Things. It immediately clicked in my head: Yes. I AM onto bigger and better things. That road is never easy and it’s never clear cut BUT the one thing I do know is that I am on my way to achieving bigger and better things.

Wherever you are today, however overwhelmed and crazy you feel, know that hard work and sweat is not overrated. The payoff will be oh so sweet and you’ll realize, you’ve finally arrived at your goal, bigger and better.


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