Monday Inspiration | Jun 3, 2013

Wakey wakey, friends. Anyone else feeling like the weekends are getting shorter and shorter? My weekend was filled with friends, food, browsing bookstores, and ice cream. I’d say that’s a pretty solid win of a weekend. I also had a lot of projects bubblin’ up in my head that I need to flesh out before working on any one of them. I’ll be sharing my baby shower invites soon – it was my first experience screenprinting anything and I’m really excited about how they turned out! Until then, let’s get our Monday Inspiration on:


The design of these silkscreened business cards is beautiful – makes me feel like I can feel the record grooves.

Free Font! Diggin’ Klinic Slab on Lost Type Co-op.

Want more free fonts? Check out Hello Denver.

Lovin’ these glittery business cards on Discover Paper‘s blog.

Anyone else noticing the cool wedding websites out there now?

I’m exciting about trying out these Adobe Illustrator tutorials.

Jumpstart your creativity with these 5 tips.

I’m really feeling kraft paper and neon together.

I am looking forward to placing an order of Stickaz, especially these princess ones to decorate the baby’s room.


Have you played the May 2013 Caption Contest, yet? If you’re interested in winning a Peety Draws original – enter your best caption for this drawing for a chance to win! The contest ends today at 11:59PM [EST].


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