Monday Inspiration | Jul 15, 2013

Hey friends! It’s crazy to think we’re in the middle of July. It never quite feels like the summer when I don’t have a vacation planned. I’m saving all my vacay time for this little critter growing inside of me – something tells me she’s going to be quite the time suck. 🙂 Hope you guys are getting a chance to go somewhere fun if you haven’t already. Please tell me where you plan on going so I can live vicariously thru you!

I’ve been watching a boatload of movies and tv shows. I FINALLY caught up on Part 1 of Breaking Bad’s Season 5. Holy crap is that show good. I’m all kinds of ready to watch Heisenberg kick some major ass in the final half of the series. But let’s switch gears to movies and kick off this edition of Monday Inspiration:


Awesome looking minimalist movie posters.

In need of vector icons? Buy what you need at

Annie Leibovitz talks photography.

I wish all marketing responses were as clever (and hilarious) as this.

Be badass every day.

Prezi seems like a pretty awesome presentation tool. Anyone ever used it before?

Sign-up for this Skillshare class taught by Sean McCabe and teach yourself a thing or two about digitizing your hand lettering.

Whoa, these are some pretty cool business cards.

Literally compare two fonts at the same time with Tiff.

What do you guys think about long shadows in design?


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