Monday Inspiration | Jul 29, 2013

Where is this summer going? I can’t believe it’s going to be August in just a couple of days. I’ve been trying to savor every weekend before the cold weather starts to set in again, not to mention get as much quality time with my husband before this little critter in my belly pops out. Speaking of baby, did I mention how awesome my co-workers are? They threw me a surprise Bat-baby shower this past Friday. It was so awesome and thoughtful. We had a cake decorated with batman fondant, batman shapes rice krispies and a handmade batman blanket! Check out my instagram for a few photos. It was all kinds of awesome. This baby better love batman, that’s all I have to say.

Let’s get some inspiration happenin’!



Exercise that creative brain of yours.

Aren’t these colors great for’s identity?

Mad Men’s title sequence is one of my favorites. Read about how it was created here.

I love the style of Hum Creative’s website and the general vibe it evokes. Feels like a fun place to work – especially when the work is as good as it is.

I love when parents do fun projects with their children. These photos are no exception.

Pencil shavings + illustrations. So fun!

Your favorite pop culture characters Simpsonized.

Get ’em while they’re hot! Free goods from Creative Market this week!


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