Monday Inspiration | Nov 25, 2013

Hello hello hello! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’ve been anticipating getting my Monday Inspiration back in regular working order and I’m hoping starting from today, it will! Thank you guys for all the well-wishes and congratulations. My daughter, Vivienne, lovingly referred to as “Vee,” is doing awesome. I’ve begun a new project that’s a spin on my Mini-Peety Drawings a day. I call it BONUS PEETY and is inspired by photos of Vee’s face. I’ve done two so far and you can check ’em out here and here. I’m planning on posting them every Wednesday so stay tuned! In the meantime, let’s get this Monday Inspiration rock ‘n rolling.


Let’s start off with inspiration and motivation, literally, with 10 Thoughts That Can Super-Motivate You.

I’ve been loving all things navy, lately. I’m obsessed with the way it’s paired with hot pink for these wedding invites. Talk about keeping it fresh – I want to be invited to this wedding!

I rave about French Paper Company as if they’re paying me – but I really love their paper. I’m absolutely stoked to find out they’re selling sample packs of almost all their paper. I’ll be stocking up on these very soon.

Does anyone else miss chalkboards? I want!

Get some cool Christmas gifts courtesy of the Design Work Life‘s Holiday Guide. I bought myself this mug from Good Fucking Design Advice in black on black. It’s even more badass in person!

Take the Good Fucking Design Advice pledge.

I know news about Batkid has been everywhere but in case you’ve been living under a rock, here’s a recap. This makes me so incredibly happy.

Are you a designer? Apparently not, that is, until you put your hands on your face, just so, and take a picture.


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