Monday Inspiration | Dec 23, 2013

Between work, entertaining friends, cheering on my sister at her college graduation and taking care of a 3-1/2 month old baby, last week and this past weekend were a busy one. At work, we had a Christmas goodie reveal for the marketing department inspired by A Christmas Story. Check out the wrapping paper the print design team designed. Continuing use of my creative energy, I finally got around to using a Star Wars Snowflake template and created this beaut. My inspiration level has been on overload lately – I blame it on all the Christmas goodies being sent to the office on a daily basis! How are you guys holding up? I’m still on the hunt for some cool stocking stuffers. I guess I may have to walk over to the dreaded mall tomorrow to find some goodies.

Screen Shot 2013-12-22 at 11.51.33 PM

What do you guys think of Santa’s branding guidelines? I’m sure you’ve already read it but if you haven’t, you gotta take a look.

Even though I have a boatload of inspiration running thru my veins, one can never have too much! Let’s see what’s happening this week:

A friend shared lego bike etiquette videos with me earlier this week. They are, in a word, brilliant. Check ’em out here (thanks, Marzia!)

Speaking of legos, who wants a lego car powered by air? Yes, you read that right.

Download your free gift tags here to adorn those Christmas package, courtesy of How About Orange.

I just discovered the Fair Goods website and really love the items they’re selling, albeit, a bit pricey.

Remember the project, 40 Days of Dating? They now have prints available of memorable quotes from their interviews by other designers. Pretty cool.

Why are other people‘s business cards so awesome?!

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