Monday Inspiration | Dec 30, 2013

Say whaaat?! It’s the last week of 2013, peeps! How’s that resolution list coming along? I took a look at mine from last year and even though my list wasn’t grand in any way, I realized I accomplished a lot more than I realized. Granted, a lot changed once I found out I was expecting, causing my goals for 2013 to change dramatically. But they just changed to revolve around Vee. For example, “baking more” was replaced by drinking boatloads of water per doctor’s orders; home DIY projects equaled me nesting; and snailmailing was replaced by me writing her letters to read when she grows up. With the exception of picking up with “Know Your Sole” I’m happy to report I did much more on my resolution list than I was expecting. ::: High five! ::: This year, I’m taking the same approach of working towards goals that make me a happier person. After all, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! I’m putting together my list right now and will share them on New Year’s Day.

It’s either the leftover high of Christmas or the impending clean slate we’re all about to receive for 2014 – but I’m feeling extremely inspired. Check out the inspiration goods below:


These hand-drawn animated gifs are AWESOME!

Very cool re-illustrated posters for movies of the past 50 years.

I love relearning how to do things in Illustrator. Here’s how to create a comic-style text or a geometric pattern.

Mine is “shopaholic.” What word was invented and added to the dictionary in your birth year?

Seven ways to boost your creativity.

All I want to do is design barcodes now.

My favorite interview question asked of me was, “What type of fruit would you be, and why?” Check out this pretty entertaining post about favorite interview questions.

Alright. These 1-year-old birthday invitations put all parents to shame. I can’t help but drool over them.

Sometimes, I want to be Tad Carpenter… okay, almost all of the time I want to be Tad Carpenter.

This mug from KinaCeramicDesign makes me want to put Peety stuff on all things ceramic!

Saul Bass is my favorite. Check out every movie poster he’s ever created.


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