Good-bye 2013

I’ve been getting a bit self-reflective this past week now that Christmas has come and gone and we’re facing another new year. 2013 has brought about many changes and self-discovery. Not to get all mushy on you guys but I’ve grown a lot and learned more about my personality and character. More specifically, I surprised myself with how strong of a person I’ve turned out to be! It’s one of those pleasant surprises and makes me feel fucking awesome.

statigram-best-moments-photo (2)

Those of you who use Instagram, have you requested your snapshot of the past year, yet? Here’s mine. Batman and family are it for me! Ha!

I didn’t keep up with my 2013 Mini-Peety Drawings as closely as I have in previous years but it’s still rewarding to know I’ve got over 1000 of these little suckers. Each one is unique and captured a feeling in a small square space. I hope I never stop creating them.

My top viewed Monday Inspiration of this past year was almost a year ago! You guys have deemed January 14, 2013’s inspiration post one to return to time and time again. Thank you!

Tomorrow, I’m going to post my New Years Goals. Hope you guys can share some of your resolutions, too! Here’s to the last day of the year – so long, 2013.


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