Monday Inspiration – late edition | Jan 7, 2014

Sorry about this late edition of Monday Inspiration, guys. Better late than never, though because I couldn’t skip this week either because there were so many cool things I saw this past week – I had to share! Here are a few things that have been ticklin’ my fancy:


Do you guys use the Paper by FiftyThree app?  I played around with it for a short time making these portraits. Now, I want to pick it back up because of this. !!!!!!!!! AMAZING.

81 movies to see in 2014.

Taking Mario Bros to a whole new level. Is this available in adult sizes?

Dress up your desktops with this awesome 1975 Marvel Calendar.

This packaging by Sagmeister & Walsh is drool-worthy.

My husband has been immersing himself in the dissection of The Shining. We recently watch Room 237. It gives amazing insight into the creative mind of Kubrick. Check it out on Netflix.

Ahhhhhhh! I just bought this set of tattlys! I can’t wait to plaster ’em on!

Shedding some light on those logo thieves. LogoThief seems to be pretty interesting.

Find any variation of color using 0to255. Love this!

Hahaha, all I want is my bottle of wine to keep it real. Fun branding.

And this because I just love to laugh.


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