Monday Inspiration | Jan 13, 2014

If you follow me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, you know I celebrated my birthday this past weekend. I turned the big 3-0 on January 11. I think the last birthday I really made plans to celebrate was my 21st (hellooooo dirty martinis). After that, my birthdays have been on the low-key side with family getting together, ordering some good eats, and opening gifts. This year, between my co-workers’ surprise bday break, the 30 gifts my sister put together for me to open, the yummy and “exactly-what-I-needed” gifts from my bff, the youthful gifts from my bro and his fiance, the perfect StickyGram magnets from my girl, and the double feature with my husband (with more gifts on the way), I realize more than ever how fucking lucky I am. I celebrated exactly the way I wanted to, ending the weekend watching The Golden Globes. Check out #Peetyturns30 to see what my birthday looked like. I can’t think of a better way to enter my 30s. I’m still on my happy high – here’s to hoping it continues thru the week!


A book that teaches kids about typography.

When it comes to mixing and matching fonts, here are a few tips.

I’ve been obsessing Firebox. I love this “mean” take on fortune cookies, appropriately named, Misfortune Cookies.

Create Your Own Monster while you’re at it.

Aaaand, check out this Ninja Mug.

Here’s something to do with all your damn selfies. Yeah, I’m talking to you.

Why should envelopes get the shaft? I love these beautifully designed envelopes by Roxy Torres.

Look at this cutey little Polaroid cube camera.

I’ve finally started watching Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. I’m still making my way thru the interviews but the Larry David one is hilarious!

Those of you that have seen “Her” would find this pretty funny.

I love me some Tina and Amy. Check out this interview they did before hosting the Golden Globes.


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