Monday Inspiration | Feb 10, 2014

My last few weekends have been very busy and I was so glad to have one spent entirely indoors with my husband and little one. We did clean a bit and I was able to work on some freelance design so it wasn’t entirely spent vegging – although a good portion of Sunday was. I ended my wonderfully relaxing (and much needed) weekend with a great episode of Downton Abbey and Girls. Anyone else have the same TV watching schedule as me? 

I’m sad to say hello to Monday morning but this week’s inspiration is a good pick-me-up:


Sketchbook art fascinates me. I could get lost in Kerby Rosanes‘ sketchbook for days.

Test your color matching skills. I scored 7.9 (cool link, Rahmie!)

I know I need to take this advice: make time for side projects.

Not fair. My pen scribbles don’t turn out like this.

Heng Swee Lim really makes good on his mantra “Doodling a Smile.” His artwork makes you do just that.

Sappi has some great resources for designers and printers. The best part? A lot of those resources are available for download! Woohoo!

I was doing some stumblin’ over at and found this Confessions exhibition by Candy Chang. Love it!

It doesn’t matter if these were the best free fonts of 2012. Free is free no matter what the year!


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