Monday Inspiration | Feb 17, 2014

House. Of. Cards. !!!!! That was my weekend. I am already in withdrawal since I binge-watched the entire season. My solution? To rewatch Seasons 1 and 2. 🙂 Hey, until Mad Men returns, I’ve got to do something to fulfill my binging habits. In the meantime, there is SO much I want to share with you guys today. I say we just get going, shall we?

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 8.49.04 AM

Speaking of House of Cards: this.

This beautiful wedding package makes me wish I was better at calligraphy.

I love the feel of this brochure – feels handmade but isn’t. The color is great, too.

What an awesome set of booklets for print design newbs! I would love to own the series.

Clever logos leave me in awe and sadness. Awe, because it’s so damn clever; sadness because I wish my mind worked like that. This logo is no exception.

Pretty cool resource of design tips and inforgraphics for graphic designers.

I can never get enough of type apps. I just downloaded PicLab but check out this list of more.

Generated Paper is an AWESOME and free resource site. If you need a wireframe template, a blank sheet of music to jot down your next composition or graph paper for designing that logo, it’s the place for you.

Free font alert!

Come June, you will be mine. Oh yes, you will be mine. Wish they had the DeLorean, though.


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