Monday Inspiration – late edition | Mar 3, 2014

Sorry about the missed Monday Inspiration last week, folks. I’ve been burning the candle at both ends for the last two weeks. It doesn’t take much for me to feel like I am stretched too thin but I really do think I’ve been doing a lot more than usual: saw American Idiot at the National Theatre, Justin Timberlake at Verizon Center, spent the evenings catching up on the best film nominees in time for the Oscars, went to a Washington Caps game and worked on freelance work in between that. Oh, and all of that was done in the time I wasn’t taking care of my 6-month old daughter. Yeah. I’m tired. Things will continue to be busy until my brother gets married in April but outside of that, my life shouldn’t feel as crazy as it has the last few weeks. I’m super thankful for the day off in the DC area today because of the snow. It was much needed so I could rest and feel like myself again.

Did anyone watch the Oscars? I thought Ellen was a little off but The Oscars were still fun to watch. I agreed with every major Oscar win with the exception of Matthew McConaughey for best actor and 12 Years a Slave for best picture. I can’t say I’m mad though – McConaughey had a strong performance and 12 Years a Slave was extremely powerful. My choices would’ve been Leonardo DiCaprio and Gravity. There is something about Gravity that gives me chills in its innovation and simple storytelling that I cannot get over. What did you guys think of the Oscars?

A little later than normal but here’s some inspiration for today and the rest of the week:


I’m sure you guys have seen this little 4-year-old kill it with her paper dresses. Gotta keep my eye on her – she’s got something special.

Need to get better at relaxing or falling asleep? Check out this tune, allegedly the most relaxing tune ever recorded.

In light of my recent House of Cards binge-watching, I thought these tips were relevant to all of us.

I’ve been playing around with a lot of spirograph-esque shapes for my 9-5. I love this easy tutorial on achieving really cool spirographs in Illustrator. Try it with only strokes for a different outcome. seems like an easy way of keeping things organized. I just signed up so we’ll see if it really helps!

Free font alert! Get Akura Popo here.

10 Principles for Good Design. A really nice reminder.

I could totally see how this online tool would help me quickly eliminate or grow ideas based on photo colors. Just choose your colors and you’re ready to go. Very cool!

I love the breakdown of The Design Blog’s “Sections” portion of their site (and their site in general). I’ll definitely be following for my own daily dose of inspiration.

Ah. Can’t you relate?


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