Monday Inspiration – late edition | Mar 26, 2014

Forgive me, guys. It’s been way too long since my last Monday Inspiration post. I need to really take a dose of my own medicine and always make time for inspiration. Even though I haven’t posted anything, I have been pretty busy on a creative level! I finished mah gurl, Mad’s, wedding invites and they turned beeeeeeeuuuuutiful! Letterpress and foil stamping checked off my design bucketlist. I’m taking on another wedding invite and couple of small design jobs here and there. The biggest one is my personal design logo. It needs a refresh so I’ve been doing a lot of research and sketching in hopes of finding something that fits.

I also watched the season 3 finale of Girls this past weekend. I loved it so much I went back and started to rewatch Season 3. Lena Dunham is amazing and has really come into a beautiful rhythm with the writing of this show. I am in awe of her and want to be friends. Do you guys watch the show? If not, what cool stuff have you been doing creatively? Take a look at my inspiration below and share yours in the comments.

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 10.41.04 AM

Free font! Download Langdon here and Airbag here.

Oh no! The Google did not load. Cue the ballad of a Wifi Hero.

Who couldn’t use some marketing wisdom from Don Draper?

Meshu turns your favorite places into beautiful objects. Could be a pretty cool gift.

Type Connection! It’s the dating game for type!

Great resource list for designers. Quite a few are free, too.

Fonts in Use is a really cool site to see how other industries are using a particular font. Super useful when branding a company, especially.

Who needs vintage-style light rays? Get ’em here.

Freshen up on your type lingo with this handy cheat sheet.

Stripes, stripes everywhere! Walls Need Love makes it look so easy!

I think This is Why I Hate People needs a comeback, don’t you?


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