Monday Inspiration | Apr 21, 2014

My weekend:

Rewatched The Social Network.
Removed caulk surrounding my bathroom tub.
Applied new caulk.
Had a friend come over to hang with my husband, Vee, and me.
Played with Vee.
Woke up at odd hours of the morning with Vee.
Worked on freelance stuff into the early Sunday morning hours.
Watched boxing with my husband.
Completed a couple loads of laundry.
Read a few pages of “Lean In.”

I’m not sure if my weekend is considered boring or uneventful but I felt so productive! And it seems this has led to a meaty edition of Monday Inspiration.

Screen Shot 2014-04-20 at 9.11.33 PM

I just discovered, a continuous loop of Pharrell’s “Happy” with people dancing to it at every hour for 24 hours! I love love love this site and seeing how people dance to this song in their own way.

This looks like a pretty cool Kickstarter project. I definitely want one for my sketchbook!

Have you seen the leatherbound classics at Barnes & Noble? I purchased Alice in Wonderland last week. I’m not going to lie – the letterpress pink cover with gold foil is what did it for me.

Lean In is at the top of my reading list right now. So inspiring and thought provoking. A must read for anyone – not just women.

Second book on my list: Ignore Everybody: and 39 Other Keys to Creativity.

And just added to my reading list: Thrive.

YAY! Louie returns May 5! Check out the promo.

Tired of sending someecards? Check out Ditto Greetings: Free e-cards from your Favorite Movies.

I am obsessing over the design and overall look of this website.

The Useless Web. Exactly what it sounds like. You’re welcome.

Choose some background noise for your workday with Noisli.

Just say no to JPEG logos.

Down for Everyone or Just Me lets you check whether a website is acting up or if it’s something on your end. Pretty useful.


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