Behind the Mini-Peety Drawing: #2060


My husband and I were reading thru some articles and came across a thought that is now the pictured Mini-Peety Drawing a Day. It so accurately encapsulates my frustration with parts of my life I know can be better. I do have a dissatisfaction of my professional life, the little freelance I do, and things in my personal life. I also know that I need to be patient before things can get better because I’m a big believer in paying your dues before you get what you deserve or are owed in life. So, right now, I am in a limbo state where, more than ever before, I realize every decision I make in life is moving me closer to my end goal of happiness and satisfaction. But until then, I will be dissatisfied – not because I’m a debbie downer but because it’s a reminder of my ambition.



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