Monday Inspiration | Apr 28, 2014

I’ve been burying myself in a lot of videos, lately – inspirational, entertaining and designer interviews. I was reminded how talented the creatives of this world are and makes me want to up my game just to keep up. I hope you find this week’s Monday Inspiration to be just that – inspirational.

Screen Shot 2014-04-27 at 8.00.09 PM

I’m so glad I discovered Like Knows Like. Besides my obsession over the logo, I love the purpose of the site – to share the personal stories of creatives. I watched Helena Price‘s story and am in love with this storytelling.

Creative Mornings is a breakfast lecture series for the creative community. I’m ashamed I haven’t ever seen Creative Mornings before.

One Minute Wonder is like a condensed version of Like Knows Like. The creatives of the site describe it as an ongoing series of video portraits highlighting wonderful people in 60 seconds.

You have to watch A Girl Named Elastika. My mind can’t handle the amazingness.

The Innovation of Loneliness.

I love this poster’s message. A really good reminder to care about the details.

Make your tweets permanent with Permanent 140.

Ahhhhh! Design samples and paper sent to your doorstep every month! I’m in love. Check out Parse & Parcel: Delivering Design Inspiration.

Speaking of monthly subscriptions, check out Fresh ingredients are sent to your house weekly (or however often you choose) based on dishes you choose from that week’s menu. All the food looks drool worthy. My first delivery is scheduled for this weekend and I cannot wait!


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