Monday Inspiration | May 12, 2014

Greetings from Boston! I am in town to attend the HOW Design Live conference. I haven’t been to this conference since 2008 (which, coincidently was also in Boston that year) so I’m ready to get my inspiration on! On top of that, my husband made the trip out with me. It’s the first time we’ve had anytime together with just the two of us since before Vee! We definitely needed this break and a moment to reenergize before we head back to D.C. and before my husband starts grad school. I will be posting pics on Instagram of my travels through the week. Search #peetytravelsHOW2014.


Here’s this week’s inspiration:

I need to have more fun with my everyday surroundings. These images are great!

How amazing are these commencement invitations?

I like finding options for ecards. A friend shared a Mother’s Day card from Just Wink and I really like some of their other options. Check ’em out.

Love Japanese art and packaging? Then you’ll love Spoon & Tamago. I love these GreenMarker Grass Stickies.

What’s the difference between a font and a typeface?

Instagram marshmallows!

Which Survival Kit will you choose? Choose between Presentation, Overtime, or Power Outage.

Lovely lovely lovely stationery.

Temporary tattoo recipes for your arm!


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