Monday Inspiration – late edition | June 24, 2014

Hello hello, friends. This past weekend, my family and I celebrated a belated Father’s Day for my dad. My sister’s boyfriend took us all out on his powerboat, we had delicious skewers and got to spend a lot of time outdoors. It was wonderfully relaxing. My husband and I also watched Dear Mr. Watterson on Netflix. Watterson was the creator of Calvin and Hobbes. The documentary was awesome – we were incredibly moved and amazed at the skill that goes into creating comics. I didn’t realize how much I took it for granted. It is an absolute must see – totally recommend it.

I’ve got WAY too much good stuff to share this week, so settle in, grab lunch and let’s get to it.

Inspiration time:


My favorite thing to share this week. Two anonymous students sneak into a classroom and leave only this artwork. Beautiful beautiful beautiful!

Dave Foster lettered all his tweets for the month of May. Awesome.

So many great things on FPO right now:

FPO wedding invites: I love the unique size of these wedding invites. It looks like it fits a #10 envelope – very cool.

FPO Prom packaging: I’m obsessing over the way Alex Anderson shares his icon work. Looks great on packaging, too.

FPO product packaging: I want to engrave things! I could see a mini-peety drawing done in this style.

Font freebies!

FINALLY! Zodiac tattoos on Tattly!

Take a cue from Anthony Bourdain and spend 10 minutes in your Meez.

Sugru and Legos are a winning combination.

A beautifully designed mug that you can easily stack. Yes, please.

Um, I need a batman engraved rolling pin, STAT.


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