Monday Inspiration | July 7, 2014

Good morning, beautiful people. I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th! Can I just say, the DC area has had some BEAUTIFUL weather these past few days. Being outside has been absolutely wonderful and made it fun to take Vee out, too. She saw her first fireworks for the 4th and she was cool as a cucumber. I kept thinking she would freak out but she didn’t mind one bit! It was nice to recreate a bit of nostalgia from my childhood.


Personally, I’ve been trying to create some sort of balancing act between home, work, Peety Draws, being a good wife, and mommy-hood. It’s tough, with some days being easier than others. This past week has seen more progress in the Peety Draws department. My Etsy shop has been embarrassingly bare, mainly because I haven’t created anything I felt was worth posting. That, and finding time to keep it up to date was damn near impossible. But, that balancing act is becoming more of a routine and with that, I’ve been able to get a few things together to sell. Part of that is part of the Peety Draws poster, pictured above. Stay tuned for more!

Inspiration time:


My sister shared this amazing site with me: Lost My Name. I’m totally buying this for Vee. Such a sweet book and great idea!

What a great read: 10 Ways to Spark Creativity in the Workplace.

In case you haven’t seen the behind the scenes on the making of OK Go’s “All Songs Considered,” check it here.

I haven’t used re:create but it seems like a pretty cool resource for those in need.

Coffee Cups of the World. After looking at these, I don’t see why a Peety Draws coffee cup can’t exist.

AWESOME branding resource! A list of branding guidelines in one location.

Design is… This article helped reenforce what I know about design and what to keep in mind, moving forward.

I’m all about color and I love me a good pattern. Danny Ivan works with both beautifully.

A-Z of Unusual Letters by Project Twins. I want all these prints!

On repeat: Vacationer’s Stay.


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