Monday Inspiration | July 21, 2014

My weekend was spent mainly at home, lots of reading to Vee and getting her used to her new pink chucks. My husband and I caught up on “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.” The one with Jon Stewart and George Wallace are great. We watched a couple other movies and kept it low-key – exactly what I needed.

I’ve been thinking a lot about a Peety Draws Kickstarter project. I’ve been very curious about it for quite some time and I think I might try to get some funds for an awesome screenprinted poster, perhaps. Have you guys ever contributed to Kickstarter or had one of your own? Lemme know your experience.

Outside of that, I watched “Word Crimes” waaaaay too many times. I don’t know how Weird Al did it but the video is awesomely clever and funny. Make sure to check it out if you haven’t already.

Inspiration time:


This Batman poster makes me drool.

Hang out with Kevin Spacey on the set of House of Cards while eating BBQ.

Amazingly clever use of shadows to tell a story.

Letterpress cards and stamps delivered to your door. Subscribe today!

Know the difference between wrong and not good enough.

Snail Mail My Email is a worldwide collaborative project where volunteers handwrite strangers’ emails.

Do Not Open has some beautifully hand-lettered envelopes. For a fancy price, you could get your very own, as well.

I love this clip-on utensils idea when brown paper bagging it.

Um, I think I need to start doing this with Peety Draws. It would make my day to randomly find notes like this.


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