Behind the Mini-Peety Drawing: #2121


There are way too many people, myself included, that compare themselves to the highlights of a social media life. I have no problem admitting it. Yes, I’ve gotten lost in the sea of butterflies, rainbows, smiling faces, and annoying perfectly staged chaos of these ideal lives. How can other people’s lives be so perfect when I’m dealing with bills, sleep deprivation, impending layoffs at the 9-5, and most importantly, maintaining the happiness of my husband while taking care of our daughter?! It’s just not fucking fair.

And then, I consider the alternative: a life without complications, without conflict, without challenges, without goals. Would I genuinely be happy? Without a doubt, my answer is no. My journey is a difficult one but the reward is mine and one I share with my husband. We live in a time where everyone’s life is on full blast and it SEEMS like they have conflict-free lives. This quote, though, this quote slapped me in the face and told me to man the fuck up and stop comparing my wonderful life to other people in the world. Man, no one knows the stuff I go thru, the decisions I make and why my life is the way it is. And same goes for all those picture perfect lives except they only share those Disney moments. Everyone has obstacles they face and that is the beauty of life. It makes you stronger and helps you grow into the person you’re supposed to be. I may still fall into the trap of comparison but being more aware of it keeps me from going deeper down the rabbit hole.


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