Monday Inspiration | Sept 29, 2014

Hello friends. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I had an exceptionally good one – had time with my husband sans Vee (thanks, mom and dad!) and went to Crafty Bastards in DC at Union Market! I’m going to do a write up later this week on the goods I acquired and the awesome stuff I saw. I always feel so inspired when I get back from Crafty Bastards. Did any of you guys go? The weather was absolutely perfect for an outdoor weekend – so I’m glad I took advantage. Can you believe it’s about to be October?! I need to start thinking about my Halloween costume, asap!

Inspiration time:

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 2.17.43 AM

Everyone is fundamentally lonely via ADHD on FOX.

20 under 20: Flickr’s inaugural celebration of the 20 most talented young photographers.

Illustration, the finest occupation.

Submit a coloring book page for Doodlers Anonymous!

Work for 52 minutes and break for 17.

I started following History In Pictures on Twitter and they have all kinds of gems. But there is something about this photo that makes me so happy.

IKEA PAPER SHOP! Aaaaahhhhhhh! I love these little disposable cups.

I love me an awesomely design resume. I wouldn’t say all of these are great but I was still very inspired by many of the details each one contained.

Free stock photography! Check out Pexels, which pulls a lot of its photos from Unsplash and Gratisography (both of which are also free).

I’m adding a bunch of books to my reading list, including The Book With No Pictures (by BJ Novak), Yes Please (by Amy Poehler), and Not That Kind of Girl (by Lena Dunham).

Speaking of Lena Dunham, I’m obsessed with #AskLena – she gives some good advice!

Know someone who is expecting? This pillow would make a great gift!

How to finally finish that project, dammit.

I love these bunny notecards via French Paper! I think I might buy them as Thank You cards for Vee’s birthday gifts.


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