Monday Inspiration | Oct 13, 2014

Long and emotional work week’s should be rewarded with the type of weekend I just had: a lot of inspiration, designing my portfolio, writing, watching tv, hanging out with my husband, and playing with Vee. It was relaxing and just what I needed to refuel my brain. I’ve been trying to track down sites or bookmark ideas for awesome design projects and presents! Fall/winter are the times I spend the most on gifts and food because of the holidays and birthdays. My family has a lot more birthdays in the second half of the year so my bank account is not going to be a pretty sight. Which leads me to my next point – if there are any suggestions you have on great places you’ve found gifts, subscriptions, DIY projects, etc., please share! I might share them on a future Monday Inspiration, too. 🙂

Inspiration time:


Layer Tennis is a graphic design war and I am obsessed. Here’s a great explanationon how it works. I wanna plaaaaaay.

Yay! Pre-order your Zen Pencils book!

This is a pretty inspirational Pinterest board for design.

I love me a good list. Check this out this list that ranks all the fictional movies on Seinfeld.

Tip for Tat: for every piece of advice there is an equal and opposite piece of advice.

Quarterly is a gift box service that offers “curated packages from people you care about.” And those people can include Nina Garcia, Rosario Dawson and Pharrell. Gimme gimme now!

I’m digging the simplicity of these icons in their various sizes, especially when they get small. Really well done.

Make & Give must live on my bookshelf, please!

Have some fun with your placeholder text thanks to this.

You won’t find complete font families for free here but a few weights are available for the affordable price of $0.


I don’t know why I find Eleanor Roosevelt getting a pistol license at age 72 fascinating but I feel like it just adds to the many layers of her story and strength. Plus, that’s just badass.

As if I needed another reason to like and admire David Sedaris. His advice on overcoming writer’s block is so good.

And onto another writer, Gillian Flynn. She shares her thoughts on writing and her process for Gone Girl.

I contributed an article on Cinema Samurai’s site this past week about my love for Gravity. Check it out here.


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