Behind the Mini-Peety Drawing: #2130

WatchForCannibals_2130I’m lucky to work in a field where most of the people I encounter are genuinely supportive, encouraging and truly want to see you succeed, even if that means surpassing them. When I compare my professional career experiences to my peers, I’m thankful I made the most of the opportunities presented to me, that I had a wonderful art director who, I feel, took me under his wing and taught me the best of what he knew, for having an incredibly supportive husband who loves my creative side and childlike spirit, and for those co-workers who knew nothing about my profession but learned the importance of words like “brand” and “consistency” so we could work as a team.

Despite the wonderful nature of the creative field, there are still those assholes out there who are selfish and think only of themselves and their betterment. It’s a rude awakening going from a circle of warmth and sincerity to one with bared teeth and clenched fists. I’d like to think the naiveté of my 20s is gone and I have a pretty good understanding of how the real world works but every so often, I encounter one of these “cannibals” who remind me to watch out for myself or else I’ll be eaten alive.

I’ve been watching Sonic Highways on HBO and the more I learn about Dave Grohl, the more I believe in good karma. That dude is quite possibly one of the most giving, creative and down to earth person as one can be. He wants to be challenged, he wants to grow, and in turn, he wants to take what he’s learned and help others, encourage others, educate others. It’s just such a good reminder that karma is not overrated so don’t waste your time being a cannibal.


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