Monday Inspiration – late edition | Nov 10, 2014

Hello folks. As I’m writing this, Fight Club is on TV. I’m always reminded of the first time I saw this movie. Growing up, my family occasionally dabbled in offerings of the black box. Not knowing whether we would have it for very long, we’d record movies onto VHS tapes for later viewing (ah, DVR, how I love you so). I took the Fight Club recording to our vacation at the beach and watched it with my cousin. Unbeknownst to me, the ending went unseen because the tape ran out right before the big revelation in the movie was revealed. My movie knowledge wasn’t very extensive at the time so I couldn’t even gather how it ended and that’s how I lived for years – not knowing but thinking I did. So, the first time I saw the movie in its entirety, my mind was blown – not because the ending was that radical but because I had lived for years thinking this movie was totally different.

Speaking of movies, anyone getting excited about Oscar season? This weekend, my husband and I are celebrating his birthday the only way we know how – by watching movies! Because he’s always watching movies for, he’s recommending what we should see and right now, they include Interstellar and Whiplash (which he reviewed here). What have you guys seen recently?

Inspiration time:JoyDivision_UnknownPleasures

Joy Division’s album cover was inspired by a data visualization?!

These altered and illustrated movie posters are hilarious! Reddit really can deliver some gems (thanks for sharing, Jorge!)

Amazon Prime customers get unlimited cloud storage for photos!

I’m getting a little psyched about Christmas. I bought all kinds of wrapping paper at my weekend trip to Ikea.

I’m obsessing over wallpaper and vinyl decals. I love the options from Chasing Paper.

I love this arrow fabric by Jessica Jones (How About Orange)! I want a dress made from it for Vee.

They get distracted easily, but rarely feel bored. This and other wildly accurate traits of introverts – at least for me.

Yay! Instagram allows for caption editing.

The sketchbook and notebook for thinkers from Baron Fig.

My messy desk is here to stay.

Invitation to the set of Girls, season 4.

40 hidden messages in logos.


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