Behind the Mini-Peety Drawing: #2145



Outgrowing_2145Man, Hungry Caterpillar was really onto something. Right now, I’m in this weird cocoon phase because I’ve realized I’m outgrowing things: my routine, my wardrobe, my 9-5, people, the four white walls that surround me, the irritability of people who can’t get their shit together. I’m usually not up for change because the stubborn capricorn in me won’t allow it. But right about now, this caterpillar is creating a cocoon and ready for a transformation.

I’ve never been at a point in my life where pretty much everything around me felt so dated. Maybe this phase is exponentially heightened because Vee is constantly in a state of change – you know, that thing that babies do. So, how do I deal and make peace with this “outgrowing” phase? I make lists. I’ve made lists upon lists trying to organize my life. My lists include anything from new Peety Draws products (which I’m SO incredibly behind on!!!!!), doing laundry, researching new design goods, or writing thank you cards (another fail). I haven’t quite figured out the balance, yet, but I’m ready to shed my old skin and emerge anew.


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