Monday Inspiration | Nov 17, 2014

Ode to the weekend:::
Oh weekend weekend weekend. How I’ll miss you so.
Full of movie marathons and restful sleep,
You were everything you promised you’d be.
You’ll be remembered for many firsts:
Watching Schindler’s List (it’s true!)
And the first time I made meatball subs (delish!).

Oh weekend weekend weekend. How I’ll miss you so.
My husband and I had uninterrupted conversations.
Shared our feelings with each other
And ate our meals while they were still hot.
How did we accomplish this feat?
Thanks to Vee’s grandparents for watching her. 🙂
End ode:::

Yes, I watched Schinder’s List for the first time this weekend. I know, I know. I’m ashamed of myself, too. It blew me away! The second movie I walked away with in amazement and pure inspiration was In the Mood for Love. Damn, the artistic quality of that movie was just oozing at the seams. Beautiful, just beautiful. Please do yourself a favor and watch it!

It was absolutely wonderful to have a weekend with my husband – we so desperately needed it. But it was also nice to pick up Vee at the end of the weekend and have her squeal in delight at seeing her parents. It’s crazy how excited she gets when she picks our faces out. 🙂

Inspiration time:


I’ve been obsessing over Walls Need Love. I think these may have to go on my Secret Santa list! I especially love this one – may need to get it for Vee!

Design team for Starbucks rethinks the “green dot.”

These optical illusions are crazy! (thanks for sharing, Jorge)

The disease of being busy. Ugh. I’m incredibly guilty of this.

Consider me the advocate for any and all news about Foo Fighters and Sonic Highways.

One Hundred Patterns.

The Pages Projects documents the notes and scribblings on the pages of ordinary people’s books. I don’t ever tend to write notes in my books but this makes me think I should – makes the books feel more lived.

Ever heard of nuSchool? Read about it here. And then, answer these five questions and learn how much you should be charging your clients.

Ahhh! Coolers is such a cool way (see what I did there?) to pick a color palette! I could this all day long.

I just wrote a review on White Bird in a Blizzard for Cinema Samurai. Check it!

Yay! Girls, Season 4, airs January 11. Happy Birthday to me! 🙂

Get your hyphens right!


2 thoughts on “Monday Inspiration | Nov 17, 2014

  1. I’m probably going to spend hours playing around with Coolers – I love it! I’m trying to finalize a living room color palette so this is definitely going to help. Also, I haven’t seen Schindler’s List so don’t feel bad!

    • Isn’t it great? I spent way too much time on it, myself, trying to come up color schemes to match my crazy basement carpet. Good luck finding a palette you like.

      And now that I’ve seen Schindler’s List – you’ve got to see it. It was excellent!

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