Monday Inspiration | Dec 8, 2014

Maaaaan, the first full week of December is over and we are just three short weeks away before we look at 2014 in our rear-view mirrors. List-making doesn’t feel like it’s keeping me organized enough – does that mean I’m overwhelmed? I hate to admit it but I think I am, just a teeny bit. I’ve made it up in my mind that this week is critical in getting back to a normal state of mind. Christmas lists are going to get organized, budgets for Christmas will be finalized, laundry will be done (one can only dream), and hopefully, I can get Vee’s old clothes and toys outta the house.


Deep breath… aaaaand exhale.

This week’s Monday Inspiration started off incredibly meaty – which I realize now was a projection of my own crazy mindset. I tried to clean things up so it was a bit more coherent. Enjoy! 🙂

Inspiration time:


Draw on your food with this spice pen. Want!

On February 27th, 2015, binge-watching will be had. Join me.

GFDA has a pretty cool 2014 holiday gift guide. This vintage paper pack is pretty awesome.

Chalkboard wrapping paper – sign me up.

Send someone a mini-banner – THIS IS SO EFFN CUTE!

I’ve been searching for a bunch of things to do with my Instagram photos. I’ve found a few affordable and promising options like this Printsagram poster and Prinkl, where I can print my Instagram photos myself (for when I’m super lazy).

Watch Yule Log is back. Love this creative and artistic alternative.

Based on my crazy week, the Passion Planner sounds like exactly what I need. Learn more about it here and get your 2015 organized.

Relaxing and simply elegant wallpaper downloads. Just beautiful.

My parents could totally use Legacy Box – really cool gift idea.

Have you heard of Kitchen Surfing? Find a local chef to come out and cook for you or your event.

I’m obsessed with these 360 shelves! I’m planning on supporting this Kickstarter and you should, too.

Great habits to steal. Coincidentally, most lists I read like this say go to bed at a decent hour and wake up early to be productive. I must must must incorporate this into my routine. 2015, man, has got to be the year of proper sleep.

How not to suck as a creative director. Truth.


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